We believe that food does not exist in isolation. All great cuisines are the product of intersecting cultures across time; no food culture would have developed without centuries of movement and collaboration.

At Nouri, we study ingredients, techniques, and flavors to identify moments of connection between global food traditions. We innovate from these historical standpoints to produce food rooted in familiar flavors no matter where you are from. That is where crossroads cooking begins.

Beyond concept or philosophy, or types of cuisines, Nouri is a place that celebrates people, in all our differences and similarities. A restaurant that nourishes not just body and mind, but the liminal bond between the “you” and the “I”.

Nouri’s Weekly Lunch Specials Menu is now available from 68++ (Wed – Fri only).
This lunch menu varies weekly and is designed as an easy and light option for our most time-pressed guests.
The dishes highlight what’s most seasonal from our farms and purveyors – all created collaboratively by our team.

Appetite Reservations