Who tastes your food when you are eating it?


Designing an open kitchen

Restaurants have historically made a clear distinction between chefs and diners. Food is prepared behind closed doors, brought to the table only in its finished form. Some restaurants today feature an open kitchen as a source of entertainment. Others, to be transparent about food health and safety. We value open kitchens for these reasons in part, but have fundamental motivations that are different.

Crossroads cooking highlights similarities between global food traditions and by extension, similarities between cultures around the world. It is part of our effort to bring people together for a moment of human connection regardless of race, nationality, or religion. Restaurants facilitate this kind of interaction better than almost any other social space.

Our open kitchen, which extends into a communal table in the middle of the restaurant, affords an even more intimate kind of interaction. It rejects the formality of conventional fine dining. Our diners interact directly with the people that create their dishes. If eating is a social activity, the open kitchen allows diners to co-create their food, in spirit if not in practice.


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