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Challenging gender norms in the professional kitchen

Our professional kitchen does not follow the tradition of all-male chef hierarchies. 70 per cent of our chefs at Nouri identify as women. It goes without saying that we do not subscribe to the belief that men are artists and women are producers. Our creative process is defined by inclusivity and collaboration. Any and all of the restaurant’s success can be credited to the participation and investment of talented chefs— men and women alike— who are assessed on their capabilities and not on their sexual orientation.

Our female chefs have been hired at every level of experience, from commis to head of R&D. This structure offers an unparalleled opportunity to create a leadership pipeline that empowers aspiring female chefs. It is rare for women to be able to mentor other women in their own workplaces. It is almost impossible to do so in the restaurant world. We love that we are an exception to this rule.

Mentorship helps us ideate the kind of chefs we can become. For our intern to work side-by-side with Ashlee Malligan, who leads our research and development arm, is to train with one of the most talented members of our team. She also happens to be a woman.


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