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Acarajé and vatapa

Acarajé and Vatapa is an Afro-Brazilian fritter with turmeric, coconut sauce, bread, and salted prawns. Nouri began its research with archival documents revealing the relationship between North Africa and South America during the Atlantic slave trade.

Nouri’s research team traced the migration of Yoruba people from Nigeria and Benin to Brazil in the 16th century and codified the evolution of an indigenous African dish, akara, to a delicacy sold on the streets of Northeastern Brazil, acarajé. Journal entries from Vasco de Gama’s expedition to India in 1497 reveal Portugal’s first encounter of spicy, coconut-thickened stews, which three years later were introduced to Brazil when explorer Pedro Álvares Cabral made landfall on the Brazilian coast. These timelines also correspond to the birth of specific sets of curries in Southeast Asia.

In the spirit of crossroads cooking, Nouri’s acarajé and vatapá dish pays homage to an original Yoruba recipe and transforms it to reflect the connections we all share across continents.


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